Impressive Victorian Garnet necklace

Rich, fiery rose cut garnets decorate this beautiful Victorian necklace.   The fine quality workmanship in this piece indicates that it was made by an especially talented jeweler; no doubt commissioned for a special occasion. For a really  sumptuous  look, … More

Shimmering Victorian garnet earrings

Fiery Bohemian garnets adorn these articulated Victorian earrings.  The rose cut faceting of the garnets makes them glisten and sparkle as they catch the light. Garnets are the birthstone for  January.  During the Victorian era,  garnets were one of the … More

Victorian romance: Garnet heart earrings

The romance and beauty of the Victorian era are captured in these puffy heart shaped earrings.   The 14kt. gold hearts are adorned with rich, claret colored garnets and rose cut diamonds.  Each heart is suspended from a cabochon garnet. … More

Antique French Mother of Pearl Monocular

During the Victorian era, a “gentlemen of means” carried a Monocular to the Opera; to horse races and other gentrified events.  It was an object that not only signified wealth but was also practical. This mother of pearl and gold … More

Dramatic Victorian garnet earrings

Rich burgundy rose cut garnets decorate these Victorian earrings.  The earrings have an unusual floral design which makes them especially feminine.  Longer, bolder than most garnet earrings of this period,  they are certain to be the envy of all. The … More

Superb carved coral cherub brooch

Intricately carved Victorian coral cherub cameo. The inspiration for this Victorian brooch came from the putti’s in Raphael’s painting, “Sistine Madonna” (1513-1514).    During the Victorian era,  Raphael’s cherubs made a resurgence in popularity thanks to French artists who used … More

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